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Understanding the advantages of 3D Scanning of Worn-out Parts in the mining industry

Technologies have changed the way of performing an operational task. The advancement of technology is very swift that impacts the industries that aren’t agile. The mining industry is experiencing great opportunities as well as threats from the changing technology. The research says that techniques such as 3D modeling and scanning, artificial intelligence, and drones can improve the productivity of the mining industry. Out of all, the application of 3D laser scanning is a remarkable opportunity as security is the major concern in the mining industry. A laser scanner is a great tool to identify any cracks or fissures by comparing it to previous scans. 3D laser scanning is advantageous for the mining industry as it contributes to the safe work environment and mine safety.

Digging a new gold or coal mine has become easy with the advent of 3D laser scanning. Innumerable man-hours can be saved with the help of laser scanning of the underground construction site. With the new technologies, mine collapse or any threat to life can be avoided.

Importance of 3D laser scanning in the mining industry 

The application of 3D laser scanning in the mining industry facilitates complex engineering jobs and improves the quality performance. With 3D laser scanning, mine engineers, mining experts, rock engineers, geologists, and ventilation engineers can easily analysis the coal and gold mines and promote smooth operations and safety. Environment analysis, accident investigation, and analysis are other great benefits of 3 D laser scanning for the mining industry. Replacement of worn-out spare parts with the use of 3D scanning is very cost-effective and useful.

The reasons which have led to increased use of 3D laser scanning in the mining industry are:

  • Minimization of errors – With advanced technology, underground environment analysis can be performed. Mining activities can be performed with great ease by analyzing the site effectively with a 3D scanner.
  • Work Safety – Safety is the ultimate priority in the mining site for the workers.

By identifying the high-risk areas, 3D scanning promotes the safety of the mineworkers and personnel deployed at the site.

  • Heath benefits – With the application of the technology, the risk of accidents lowers. It also investigates and surveys the accidents that occurred and its reasons. Mining is very challenging and is risky for mine workers. 3D scanning techniques have created hope for new revolutions that promote safe working conditions and parts for mining activities.
  • Manufacturing of spare parts – Use of 3D measurement system is highly increasing in the mining industry. Growing needs of scanning the spare parts, buckets, trays, variety of castings, dump trucks in being experienced in the mining industry. With 3D scanning of parts, the outcome results in high quality and accuracy.
  • Improved ventilation – With the use of 3D scanning, the manufactured parts or equipment or models can be tested to ascertain the level of ventilation. It quantifies the efficiency of ventilations ensuring the safety of mineworkers. Ventilation engineers get great support from 3D techniques and scan the level of ventilation at the mining site.
  • Quality assurance and quality control – 3D scanning in mining promotes high-quality assurance and control leading to effective mining activities and safety in the work environment. With the rise in use, engineers can create new models avoiding trial and error method.

Effective use 3D scanning in the marine industry

3D scanning technologies are becoming indispensable for the marine industry. With the use of 3D technology, marine engineers can speed up the redesigning and inspection of parts. 3 D scanning allows engineers to scan old worn out parts such as boats, yachts and create new parts with modifications and improvements.

Boats, yachts, and other marine spare parts can be scanned and replaced. With old parts, engineers get a reference model that assists in creating a new model in the shortest time. Such a technique is very useful when it is very challenging to replace the worn-out part with a new part. 3D scanning helps to create new models with suitable changes that support effective marine activities.

3D modeling has created a new revolution in the marine industry. The project managers can scan the parts and keep a track of these parts to create new as and when required. The 3D model process scans the accurate measurements of the parts and inspects the parts effectively.

Measuring complex shapes is very challenging. Similarly, the cost of making a new product is high and if an error occurs, it results in wastage of money. 3 D modeling and scanning saves your money and time by scanning the parts accurately.

Quality control and accuracy 

3D laser scanning of parts in the marine industry promotes quality control. It helps in identifying why a spare part is not working or installed properly. 3D scanning avoids the cost of failures that includes damage, installation cost, defective manufacturing, etc.

Quality processes result in high accuracy in manufacturing and operational tasks such as marine mining activities. 3D scanning process promotes effective mining activities in minimum time. In comparison to reverse engineering, 3D scanning saves money by avoiding trial and error process. The 3D scanning process creates a new part with accurate measurements that saves both time and money.

Benefits of creating new parts with 3D scanning

Quality – 3D scanning results in quality and accuracy with effective 3D software performed by engineers 

Expertise – 3D modeling software promotes expertise in creating new models with precision and accuracy. Engineers are empowered with such technological advancement and create innovative models with advance modifications.

High revenues – The marine industry has emerged as a growing industry with the advent of 3D scanning techniques. The new modeling process with accuracy has resulted in high revenues and outstanding outcomes. The response time has increased guaranteeing great results in the minimum time frame.

Low-cost models – With 3D scanning techniques, engineers create low-cost models with minimum time.

Innovation – 3D scanning techniques have initiated innovation in the creation of models that are safe and environment-friendly. Engineers are using this technology to create new models and spare parts that promote safety in performing marine activities.

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