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Why CADDeziners 3D Laser Scanning Services

We at CAD Deziners have a strong and committed team of 3D scanning and printing experts that are always ready to assist you if you ever have any need for 3D scanning. At CAD Deziners, we have some of the most advanced 3D scanning and printing technologies that can turn any real-life object into a digital 3D model that can be printed upon your requirement. Our services have been used by some of the top businesses in Australia because we offer the best quality scanning services at affordable costs. We ensure you that our scans will be accurate to 0.02-0.05mm. We use various industrial scanner such as Artec leo, Artec spider, Creaform and Einscan 2x plus. 3D Laser scanning refers to a non-catastrophic technology that captures the pattern of substantial tools using a line of laser light. Eventually, 3D laser scanning is the mechanism to amplitude details and capture free pattern configuration to quickly generate highly accurate mark clouds and formerly replication is a 3D model.

Our services will help you in streamlining the whole process of conceptualizing, creating, validating, communicating, managing and transforming ideas into designs so that you can focus on what matters more. We utilize industry-leading tools like AutoCAD, AnSys, and SolidWorks to provide you services like 3D scanning, 3D modeling, 3D CAD Drafting, etc. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and confidentiality, which means any information you give to us will be completely secured.


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Free one time CAD design consultation from our expert drafters for new customers.

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Reverse Engineering

Our Services

3d Laser Scanning in mechanical sector

3D Laser scanning in Mechanical Sector

  • 3D Inspection services
  • Testing and analysing scan data
  • Measurement of mechanical structures and machine
  • Replacing obsolete and custom parts
  • Highlighting manufacturing defects
  • Reverse engineering
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3D laser scanning for Automotive and vintage cars

  • Replication of dashboards and car accessories
  • Scanning OEM parts for classic vintage cars
  • Scanning and analysis of new design
  • Scanning and providing 3D measurement
  • Designing and redesigning customise bumpers
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3d Scanning Car Parts
3d Scanniing in Oil Industry

3D Scanning for piping and oil industry

  • Scanning of fitting and redesigning
  • Scanning and replicating of old fittings
  • Scanning of broken parts
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3D Scanning and reverse engineering

  • Scanning and redesigning
  • Converting .stl to .stp formats for reverse engineering
  • Scanning onsite projects
  • Scanning and prototyping
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3d laser scanning in reverse engineering
3d laser scanning in furniture industry

3D Scanning for furniture industry

  • Scanning of furniture’s such as sofa, chairs, and beds
  • Scanning and rendering using 3DS Max and Maya
  • Scanning services of AR and VR
  • Scanning and providing the files in .obj, .mtl or .fbx formats
  • Scanning and redesigning furniture’ as per client requirement
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CADDeziners Laser Scanning

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Understanding the advantages of 3D Scanning of Worn-out Parts in the mining industry - Technologies have changed the way of performing an operational task. The advancement of technology is very swift that impacts the industries that aren’t agile.